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Thinking, feeling, seeing, knowing fingers.
— W.G Sutherland


Osteopathy works on the body as a whole. Patients are treated from an overall perspective instead of for specific symptoms. Since each person is different, treatment is adjusted based on what their body needs at that moment. It is important to connect the body to the mind and heart because they are inseparable and constantly interact with each other. Emotions and the psyche are therefore also taken into consideration.


A body with better muscular and bone mobility as well as better blood, nerve and lymphatic circulation, among other things, is a body that can use its resources to their full potential and steer toward self-healing. 



Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique meaning fingers (shi) and pressure (atsu). Like acupuncture, its theory is based on the eastern vision of the body’s energy.


Vital energy flows throughout the body along paths called meridians. Balancing meridian energy creates greater harmony between the physical, emotional and spiritual, thereby soothing symptoms and improving overall well-being. Shiatsu is characterized by pressure with the thumbs, palms, elbows, knees or feet. The pressure varies based on need and is complimented by stretches, producing a massage that is comprehensive, very relaxing and, more importantly, deep without being painful.


Pairing massage therapy and osteopathy

The way these two approaches complement each other makes them even more effective. By combining the comforting, enveloping aspect and energy techniques of shiatsu with the precious and highly effective tools of osteopathy, we get the perfect pairing!


You can receive a treatment that is safe right from the conception of your baby to any period in your pregnancy, after delivery and in the postnatal period. Appointments last one hour and treatment is done over the clothes. 


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